Wednesday, June 16

Ariel Pink and the Shortsighted Gig Goers

We went to see Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti last night, which was interesting.
Their album is looking in danger of being in our top 5 of the year already and although it felt for most of the gig like we were privy to an extended band-rehearsal being played-out in front of 800 bearded-hipsters, it was pretty pretty good.

As your 679 correspondent has mentioned before, 20-20 vision is not something we've been blessed with so while the band actually looked like this:

We saw this line-up on stage:

Maybe that's why our brain got bamboozled and we paid £10 for one 7" of this track.

Admittedly, it is our song of the summer.

(thanks for the snaps Rozzer M)

Wednesday, June 9

Ears checking #20 - June


EARS CHECKING #20 - June (Spotify)

1. James Blake - CMYK
2. Hurts - Better Than Love
3. Lady Gaga - Alejandro
4. Missy Elliott - Pass That Dutch
5. The Streets - In The Middle (Nero remix)
6. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor
7. Male Bonding - Year's Not Long
8. Tan Lines - Real Life
9. Telepathe - Chromes On It (Gold Panda remix)
10. Starfucker - Florida
11. Washed Out - Feel It All Around
12. The Radio Dept. - Heaven's On Fire
13. Gonzales & Louie Austin- Let's Groove Again (Z version)
14. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Egyptian Reggae
15. Gichy Dan - Cowboys and Gangsters
16. BBC Orchestra - Manhattan Skyline

EARS CHECKING #20 - June (Spotify)

Wednesday, June 2

stopmakingme yeah


We love Stopmakingme. Known to his mum as Dan Avery, to us as Davery and to clubbers across the land as 'that-blonde-guy-with-the-sick-disco', Dan has just made our June a little brighter with his latest mix.
Taken live from the Hot Boy Dancing Spot it features cuts from !!!, Scissor Sisters, Poni Hoax and Benni Benassi, alongside some of his own latest remixes.
For your ears:

Stopmakingme - Recorded live at Hot Boy Dancing Spot (May 2010) by stopmakingme

Also, Dan was kind enough to lend his remixing skills to a Marina's last single I Am Not A Robot which you can have for free here. Gah, isn't summer wonderful.

Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Stopmakingme! edit) - MP3