Monday, April 26

679 telly take-over

try saying that 6 times fast.
Our 679 artists got busy on TV over the weekend. Did you see:

1) The Streets on Doctor Who

This made us so happy we knocked our tea over our laptop in surprise

2) Plan B on Jools Holland

this time it's She Said, an interview, and Writings on the Wall

3) Marina on BBC Breakfast

4) Marina on Frock Me

5) Marina on C4's Koko Pops

phew - well she does have a single out this week!

Wednesday, April 21

Jools Holland makes his second appearance in 7 days on the 679 blog Ben Drew performed Stay Too Long on Later last night

Proper work out that.

INCIDENTALLY, tickets for Plan B's October went on sale today, over here.

Tuesday, April 20

Ears checking #18 (April '10)


EARS CHECKING #18 - April(Spotify)

1. Caribou - Odessa
2. Museum of Bellas Artes - Who Do You Love
3. Darwin Deez - Bad Day
4. Plan B - She Said
5. Pharrell & Jay Z - Frontin
6. The Streets - Too Much Brandy
7. J Dilla - So Far To Go
8. Hot Chip - I Feel Better
9. Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Beat
10. Grum - Heartbeats
11. The Strange Boys - Be Brave
12. Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
13. The Whitest Boy Alive - Burnin
14. Beach House - Norway
15. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Every Night I Die At Miyagi's
16. Marina and the Diamonds - Numb
17. Africa - Toto

EARS CHECKING #18 - April(Spotify)

Monday, April 19

...and all these kids are defnitely not Robots...

Check out the 80s Robot dance vibes! We love the PS22 Choir and are so touched that they took on Robot. We highly recommend their version of Phoenix's Lisztomania too, it makes our stony hearts sing

Wednesday, April 14

She's not a Robot in LA either

Here is a sneaky peak at the visuals that Marina has shot for her forthcoming tour.

Filmed on Hollywood Boulevard no less ("OH MY GOD" etc. etc.)

It's also Marina's own entry to a competition where we're inviting you to submit your own Robot video. You can win a flipcam and some cold hard cash. that's right, cash.
Personally, I'm waiting for a Chatroulette video entry. Maybe without the self-pleasure element.

Jools Holland ain't a Robot either

Tuesday, April 13

Plan B takeover

With the new album sat at number 1 in the album midweeks today (!) we've been spotting Ben Drew everywhere - including these two found on Team 679's home streets


Thursday, April 8

the sun is out in London today

And all is good in the world.
Q: How long are Darwin Deez' limbs?

A: Very.

Thursday, April 1

She Said "it's the Rak Session"

Hopefully you've spotted that Plan B's She Said is in the process of running up the chart this week and so as an aside, he's a little video of Ben performing the track acoustically.

The EP is OVER HERE (subtle).