Friday, January 29


There's not much we need to say about this video, apart from we can't quite work out when or where in the past 20 years it was shot, but we're assured they are Estonian subtitles.

For the record, we bloody love Gonzales. Those gloves! That hair! The sweeping beauty of his remix, which you can download right here!

Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood (Gonzales Orchestral Remake) - MP3

Wednesday, January 27

Sometime Wannabe


Ah Primary 1.
Nothing better then a dreamy piece of video poppin' up on Youtube of a Wednesday, and the above cut is taken from P1's current mini-album, Mess Detective. It's an arresting collection of wistful electronic jams and lo-fi pop gems, and one of the first essential records of the year.
You can buy it on a fancy CD here or if you're impatient, download the whole thing for free (FREE!) over on his blog.

But hey, have one of the finest cuts right here.

Primary 1 - Foaming (White Room edit) - MP3

Thursday, January 21

Oh Alex James, what will we do with you?

And just what is Alan Titchmarsh doing on that show?

Thursday, January 14

Remixes infected your brain - PART 2.

Have you seen the acoustic video for Marina's Hollywood above?
Not too shabby eh.

Also, just a heads up there there are two hyper-limited 7"s of Hollywood up for grabs.
The 1st - Hollywood and Bad Kidz - from Record Store
The 2nd - Hollywood and Hollywood (Gonzales Orchestral Remake) - from Pure Groove

But it's always nice to get something for free, so as it's nearly the weekend...

Marina and the Diamonds - Hollywood (The Juan MacLean remix) - MP3

Monday, January 11

TOUCH ME - Jacko generator


I would have liked the Jacko-Generator to be an offshoot of the Channel 5 show, Michael Jackson; The Live Séance, where you can magically make him pop out of your screen.
Alas, it's the slightly less mental and more office friendly site which you can tap along and make Jacko "OWWW" and "EEEHEE" to your heart's content.
Click the image above, or here, and turn your speakers up.

While we're here, I rediscovered this gem of a remix over the holidays.

Jacko - I Can't Help It (Tangoterje remix) - MP3

Wednesday, January 6

Yes, that is Marina in a bath. In her dress.

NME have graced us with their annual 'new bands for the year issue' and it's actually a really good read. A fair few mentions of bands we're keeping an eye out for this year and then there's this little spread on Marina. Peter Robinson (King of Popjustice) nails it.

(click for a bigger view)

Also, you can grab a bunch of new tracks, including Obsessions, on the NME mixtape thing here. You don't even have to give em your email address. Nice.

Tuesday, January 5

Things we loved (but didn't post) in 2009

1) Tempa T - Next Hype

2) Darwin Deez - Constellations

3) Everything Everything - MY KZ YR BF

4) Sneezing Panda