Wednesday, June 2

stopmakingme yeah


We love Stopmakingme. Known to his mum as Dan Avery, to us as Davery and to clubbers across the land as 'that-blonde-guy-with-the-sick-disco', Dan has just made our June a little brighter with his latest mix.
Taken live from the Hot Boy Dancing Spot it features cuts from !!!, Scissor Sisters, Poni Hoax and Benni Benassi, alongside some of his own latest remixes.
For your ears:

Stopmakingme - Recorded live at Hot Boy Dancing Spot (May 2010) by stopmakingme

Also, Dan was kind enough to lend his remixing skills to a Marina's last single I Am Not A Robot which you can have for free here. Gah, isn't summer wonderful.

Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Stopmakingme! edit) - MP3