Tuesday, December 29

Remixes infected your brain...


How's your Christmas been? Filled with gammon and gifts we hope.
And as a final treat at the end of the year (decade too), have a spanking new Marina remix on us by the SPECTACULAR Fenech-Soler.

Hollywood (Fenech-Soler remix) (MP3)

Wednesday, December 23

Thursday, December 17

what's going on here then?


Now that's definitely Marina, but is that?
It can't really be Gonzales at the piano?!

Thursday, December 10

Long enough for something to go wrong...

See that there, that's the new video for Stay Too Long by Plan B, that is.
It's also the naughty cut, so if you want to show it to your little nephew, best go with the Radio 1 (a-list) friendly version over here.

Its out on Jan 11th, what a new year treat.

Wednesday, December 9

Happy David Bowie Day!

Happy David Bowie day one and all!
Not really sure why it's offically Bowie Day but any excuse to put on Let's Dance and shuffle around the office whilst belting out "TREMBLE LIKE A FLOWWWWWER" is good with me.
A he's a good guy that Bowie, check out this fan letter he sent in 1967 (click for a bigger view)

Tuesday, December 8

Retro Ears - New Jack Swing

It might be down to the fact that I was at school in the early 90s, but I am very fond of that oft-overlooked gem of a musical subgenre; New Jack Swing.
Populated by characters like Teddy Riley, Brandy and Mary J, the calling card of a classic New Jack Swing track is quite simply; PARTYTIMES.

So as an early Christmas pressie, here's a Spotify playlist.
Thanks to The Last Skeptik, Scott Pinglewood and Ralph Razor for their contributions.
(Check out those cap n' tie combos on Boyz 2 Men!)


Retro Ears - New Jack Swing (SPOTIFY)
1. Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Mine
2. Adina Howard - Freak Like Me
3. Boyz 2 Men - Motownphilly
4. Color Me Bed - I Wanna Sex Up
5. En Vogue - Don't Let Go
6. Bobby Brown - Every Little Step
7. Jade - Don't Walk Away
8. Al B.Sure - Nite and Day
9. Michael Jackson - Remember The Time
10. R Kelly - She's Got That Vibe
11. Bell Biv Devoe - Poison
12. Brandy - I Wanna Be Down
13. Brownstone - If You Love Me

Retro Ears - New Jack Swing (SPOTIFY)

Friday, December 4

Lady Boots vs. Sir Gary of Numan


First Phil Oakey and now Gary Numan; Boots is well on the way to having a contact book that read like cast list from thee execellent Synth-Pop Britannia documentry.
Have a read of the lead article in today's Guardian where Gazza and Victoria interview each other.

Tuesday, December 1

my name's European Bob


I'm a bit of a sucker for end of year musical lists, and this year we get the added indulgence of End of Decade lists. It's been an interesting (and sometimes predictable) read rattling through these various charts and being reminded of some gems that we've loved and also some that we'd clean forgotten about.

You'll have to believe that despite my affiliation with 679, The Streets' Original Pirate Material up there for me too so we were collectively thrilled to have The Guardian / The OMM / The Guide and even Get Cape Wear Cape Fly claim it as their choice from the past ten years too.
Cheers lads and lasses.

Zane Lowe went one better and picked it as one of his 4 Masterpiece albums, meaning that this evening it'll be played in it's entirety. You can listen again here too.
This means we get to hear "LEE SATCHEL YOU BASTARD" uncensored on R1.

Remember these?

Mr Skinner, we salute you.