Thursday, September 24

What's it all about, Harry Brown...

Our very own Plan B is staring alongside Sir Micheal Caine in the new Brit-flick, Harry Brown. It's got old men vigilantes, smack adicits and Ben Drew shooting people. Winner.

It's out on 13th November.
Ps, here is Ben's IMDB page, fancy.

Wednesday, September 23

two bits of Boots TV worth watching

Both off these struck me as quite wonderfully bizarre.

Katy Brand does one of her 'hilarious' parodies. Most odd.

And Thunderbirds are New In Town! This is taken from Bestival - check out Parker on drums

Monday, September 21

Tour de Champions

It might be slightly off the subject but here at 679 we're huge fans of the Tour De France. And as this made me smile inanely, I thought it'd be only fair to share

Kraftwerk - Tour De France - MP3

Thursday, September 17

Doobie Yacht Rock

Take 5 minutes from your life to make it just a little bit better by watching this documentary on The Doobie Brothers greatest ever hit.

ps, this is my karaoke song of choice

Tuesday, September 15

I Wanna Go Surfing


The weather may have switched over to WINTER already but this slice of LA pop leaves us imagining the strip lighting in our office is really the sun on a particularly lazy afternoon.
Damn, I do wanna go surfing.

The Drums - Let's Go Surfing

Friday, September 11

I wish my school discos were like this

And what a fabulous jumper that man has:

Wednesday, September 9

Dave, Dave, my mind is going

A truly moving rendition of the opening credits to 2001 by a school orchestra. The Cinematic Orchestra ain't got shit on this:

Reading Robot

She's still not a Robot (sorry - last time we'll make that joke) but she was live on BBC2

Friday, September 4

Nowt better then Prince

I came across this picture the other day and thought it was so excellent that I shamelessly stole it from illustrator Mat Maitland's site. Sorry Mat, I'll buy you a coffee to make up for it.
Go an check out Mat's other work which includes memorable album sleeves for Bassment Jaxx, Futureheads and Goldfrapp.
We all know that Prince beats Jacko hands down (well, it's an unfair contest these days I suppose), but here's some recent Prince inspired gems
Felix Da Housecat - We All Want to be Prince

Mariachi El Bronx - I Would Die 4 U (Prince cover)

Flairs - Better Than Prince

Thursday, September 3

it's a cocknbull story


Anita Blay is better know as thecocknbullkid and has been bubbling under for a little while now. Every now and then, seemingly out of the blue, she'll drop a track which sneaks into your brain and sticks around for months.
Rumours abound that she's been working with Gonzales on her album (amazing) and while we wait to hear what they come up with, we have Clean Apart to nestle it's way into your subconcious for the weekend.

thecocknbullkid - Clean Apart

While we're here, it'd be criminal not to share On My Own Again which came out last year and was definitely one, if not my favourite, songs of 2008.

thecocknbullkid - On My Own Again

Wednesday, September 2

The Rolling Stones vs. The Beatles

This is a 'video' with Marianne Faithfull wandering about in Angerland.

And this is a book that takes the ball and runs with it.

Invocation Of My Demon Brother
Zachary Lazar’s second novel, "Sway", which Mark Rozzo reviews in this Sunday’s Book Review, interweaves three iconic stories--the rise of the Rolling Stones from 1962 through Altamont; the long, strange trip of underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger; and the sorry saga of Charles Manson associate (and convicted killer) Bobby Beausoleil--to get at the dark side of the 1960s, the moment when the Age of Aquarius imploded into Luciferian light.

It’s an odd book, all glittery surfaces and collapsing possibilities, but what may be strangest is that it involves so much history we can actually see. As I read "Sway," I kept using the Internet as an enhancement, a way to make some pieces of the story come alive.

After finishing Lazar’s account of Anger’s 1947 film, "Fireworks," I looked the movie up on YouTube and watched it for myself. I did the same with "Scorpio Rising," the 1964 biker film that made Anger a minor celebrity when it was banned in California.

As for Beausoleil, I discovered that he’s still in prison, where he makes art and music, which he sells on a website that offers only glancing reference to his role in the 1969 Manson-directed murder of music teacher Gary Hinman. ("During the commission of an absurdly misconceived drugs transaction, things went terribly wrong, and BeauSoleil killed a man.")

Then, of course, there are the Stones. We all know what they look like, but even 38 years later, it’s shocking to watch violence explode as they play "Sympathy for the Devil" at Altamont, as if they’ve invoked a force they couldn’t control.

This is the point of Lazar’s novel, that the 1960s were a time in which all sorts of children (the Stones, Anger and Beausoleil among them) got involved with things they didn’t understand. It’s also the idea behind Anger’s film "Invocation of My Demon Brother," which suggests that every invocation is followed by an evocation, desire become action and then unleashed upon the world.

That’s a fascinating concept, but "Sway" also raises a number of wholly contemporary questions about the way literature (or, for that matter, history) operates in our own digitized and archived time. Does it enhance or diffuse the power of Lazar’s novel to read it in conjunction with the computer, to look up and literally watch many of its scenes? What does it mean for memory, for reading, for our own power as writers and readers to invoke and then evoke a shared fictional dream?

I don’t know the answers to those questions; it’s just that I’ve never read a book in quite this way before.

Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones

Tuesday, September 1

Ears checking # 15 (Sept 09)

We've moved our playlist over to Spotify - alright!

1. Riton & P1 - Who's There
2. SMD - Audacity Of Huge
3. Friendly Fires - Kiss Of Life
4. Wamdaue Project - King Of My Castle
5. Little Boots - Symmetry
6. Cut Copy - Far Away (Golden Filter remix)
7. Marina - I Am Not A Robot (Starsmith remix)
8. Blur - Oily Water
9. Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightening
10. Big Pink - Velvet
11. Spoon - Got Nuffin
12. Aztec Camera - Somewhere In My Heart
13. Lo Borges - Aos Bores
14. Gonzales - Let's Groove Again
15. Bullion - Are You The One?

EARS CHECKING - September 2009 (spotify)