Monday, August 31

Skull of Dreams mixtape


When Boots isn't wearing portable garden centres at festivals and unknowingly starting geek wars with synth nerds she likes to relax by putting together mixtapes. No really, that and gardening.
Here's the latest for your download pleasure, we proudly present the Skull of Dreams mixtape:

And Your Dreams Come True - Beach Boys
Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Mix) - Empire Of The Sun
Precious Little Diamond - Fox The Fox
Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog Mix) - Fever Ray
Obsession For The Disco Freaks - Alexander Robotnick
Cruel Intentions - Simian Mobile Disco & Beth Ditto
Kilometer (A Trak Dub) - Sebastien Tellier
Dreaming - Rainbow Team
Animal (Fake Blood Mix) - Miike Snow
Suspicious Minds - Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Pulstar - Vangelis
The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Re Edit) - The Human League
We’re Back (Vitalic Mix) - Heartbreak
Anyway - Duck Sauce
Remedy (Stonemasons Mix) - Little Boots

Little Boots - Skull of Dreams mixtape (MP3 download)

Sunday, August 30

"I was going to stand at the front and sing my little heart out"

Hitler's most disapointed that Oasis have split up

Tuesday, August 25


Little Boots hooked up with VBS to make a documentary on her beloved Stylophone.

(If you can't see the full window then head over to their site for the wide screen experience).

I must say my favourite part was Brett Domino's annoyance at Boots stealing his stylo-thunder. Grrr, you tell her Brett.

And just because here's a photo of Rolf with his.

Monday, August 24

Making videos ain't easy...

We are big fans of Your Twenties and so we're charmed and saddened in equal measure to see singer Gabriel wallowing in the despair of the failed attempts to make a video for their single, Billionaires.

We really want to see the owl version.
In the meantime we'll settle with a download of Billionaires, produced by Stephen Street out now on Neon Gold.

Your Twenties - Billionaires

Thursday, August 20

Tweet The Streets - part 3


It's time again to return to inner workings of Mike Skinner's mind and his 'recentlly added' playlist as a new Casting Down Your Pod drops.
Have to warn you this time - there is a little naughty language and talk of illegal goings on. OI OI OI!
You can follow Skinner here and 679 here. Ta-dah.

BEAT STEVIE - Casting Down Your Pod - volume 3(MP3)

New Boots Funtimes (containing earworm)

Boots is having a busy old week, running around town, doing shows and promo to point out (delicatley) that Remedy is released this week.
In case you're not a regular listener of Jo Wiley on R1, you may have missed Boots cover JLS in the Live Lounge. Here you go:

There's something about this song that's been stuck firmly in my head ever since. Nightmare. Boots did a version in the studio too that you crazy JLS fans can purchase for your iPod or other none branded MP3 player. No favourites here.

Other Boots news, our gal is gracing the cover of The Big Issue from today. Well worth your cash.

More LB goodies and news to follow tomorrow. We do spoil you.

Wednesday, August 19

Good Shoes? Great song...

Heck yeah! Those cheeky chappies from London's grimmest end-of-tube destination, Morden, are back. What's more they have managed to create by far the best song of their career to date.
The Way My Heart Beats is an arresting (hoho) slice of summery guitar goodness, coming in at a breakneck 2"31.
It's DIY, it's ballsy and it's flippin brilliant.
Nice to have you back Good Shoes.

Good Shoes - The Way My Heart Beats

The History Of Film In Title Cards


Dutch graphic designer Christaim Annyas has collected film title boards from just about every film you would want including those from 1969 to 1976, or as we better know it - The Golden Age of American Film.


take a look at the site

Tuesday, August 18

Oooh get her

Patrick Wolf doesn't like being told to get off stage before he's done...

Monday, August 17


Set to become the biggest champion of the humble Stylophone since adopted National treasure Rolf Harris, Little Boots has made a documentary with the makers of the wee machine.
Here's the trailer:

Monday, August 10

'We don't have a candy machine in the boys room!'

One of the most touching things I've read on the internet for a good while concerns John Hughes, the man who made teenagers feel that bit less alone in the world, and grown-ups feel that perhaps kids are worth listening to after all.

Anyway, this girl who wrote John a fan letter wound up being pen pals with him over the course of the decade. It is AMAZING. Certainly cements Hughes' reputation as being everyone's fantasy uncle.

In other news, Lindstrom has done an absolutely boss remix of Doves' Jetstream. Seriously, the man shits tunes like some sort of Scando-Med golden goose. What do they put in the water over there? If it wasn't for the church burning and whale hunting I'd definitely go for Norwegian citizenship.

the Robots are taking over

Marina played at Emmaboda Festival in Sweden last week and was joined by a gaggle of Robots for, well I Am Not A Robot. Utterly charming.
What do you call a collective of Robots?

UPDATE - there is no correct answer to the above question - ooooh...

Friday, August 7

Jeff Lewis draws The Cribs

I'm a big big fan of Jeffrey Lewis' songs. I'm an equally big fan of his comics which I'm not at all ashamed to say sit on my bookshelf. I have have a personalised one he did for me on my birthday last year (fan-girl alert).
And I've got a soft spot for The Cribs which began after hearing their debut album - which could still be in my top 10.
In the run up to their fourth album, Ignore the Ignorant, they've teamed up and ain't it grand...


And if you wanted to watch the progress of the work, and hear the new single Cheat On Me, then you're in luck too.

Full respect to The Quietus who brought this to our attention.

Thursday, August 6

Diamond Clash

Clash Magazine have charmingly given over 5 whole pages of their new issue to Marina in a shoot that's vaguely reminiscent of soft-focus 70s porn. Not that we have an in depth familiarity with...
ANYWAY, here's a sneak preview.

Oh also, did you hear the unplugged version of Marina's Robot?

Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (unplugged)

Tuesday, August 4

""My mother is the only 90-year-old in Britain with a poster of Lethal ­ Bizzle in her kitchen."


In the Guardian Weekend magazine last week there was a bizarre article on Tinchy Stryder. More specifically it was about how his career so far has been funded by Liberal ­Democrat shadow health secretary, Norman Lamb, re-mortgaging his house.
No really.


My favourite passage is:

He's interrupted by a fan. Not excitable teenage girls, but a middle-aged Scotsman: "I was being kept awake by music from a party the other night," he says, "but then I recognised it was your music and I thought, 'I can't complain about that'. "
"Tinchy, can I introduce a mate of mine?" Norman Lamb asks. "This is John Barrett, the MP for Edinburgh West."

But the article did remind me that pre-hanging with the Lib Dems, Tinchy featured on a grime remix of The Streets 'Fit But You Know It', alongside Kano and Lady Sov.

The Streets - Fit But You Know It (remix feat. Tinchy Stryder, Lady Sovereign and Kano)

Boots makes peach puffs with Tim Lovejoy

(not a euphemism for anything)

Considering she'd been DJing at Bugged Out with Erol Alkan at 3am that morning, not too bad on the old cooking skills.

Monday, August 3

Neon Pocho

Marina Diamond skipped across the pond earlier this year and bumped into Nylon magazine who rushed her into a tine music store and demanded she did a version of Obsessions. Here it is

Now, you won't have missed that eye-watering poncho, which Marina alleges on her own blog was "made courtesy of lovely Guatemalan lady on acid". Amazing.

Whilst we're on Obsessions - did you hear the Gold Panda remix?

Marina and the Diamonds - Obsessions (Gold Panda remix)