Friday, July 31

Tweet The Streets - part 2


Gwad bless Twitter. Not only does it give you a hotline to your favourite musicians, allow you direct access into their innermost thoughts and let you have a sneaky look at their holiday snaps (see above), it also occasionally throws up an exclusive that is worth your sign-up in the first place.
Mike Skinner LOVES Twitter and this week Twitter loves him right back as he's posted up an exclusive podcast to download;

BEAT STEVIE - Casting Down Your Pod (MP3)

Incidently, you can follow 679artists on Twitter too

Where's Lorraine Kelly?

Boots on GMTV this morning was pretty, pretty good. I've got dress envy.

Thursday, July 30

No.1 on Hype Machine

Our gal Boots in number 1 on the Hype Machine again today and with everyone else getting in on the action we thought it only fair to give you some more music too.
Earlier this week we posted the first round of the Remedy remixes, and today we're giving you another chance to grab a selection of the New In Town edits that you may have missed.
For your listening pleasure we present:

Little Boots - New In Town (Fred Falke remix)

Little Boots - New In Town (The Golden Filter remix)

Little Boots - New In Town A1 Bassline remix)

Little Boots - New In Town (Franz Ferdinand's No One Is Safe edit)

Tuesday, July 28

Fires Keep Burning

There's something magical about Friendly Fires. From seeing them play in tiny pubs around Hoxton, to their festival-stealing sets this summer to the appearance of this video (Kiss Of Life), it feels like their time is finally here.
No sign of remixes for this track just yet, but it give an excuse to post their version of Lykke Li's I'm Good I'm Gone. 90s rave-piano anyone?

Friendly Fires - Im Good Im Gone (Lykke Li cover)

Monday, July 27

Keys; check. Tenori-on; check. Boots; check.

Here is the video to Little Boots' new single Remedy, taken from Hands and out on August 17th.
For those eagle-eyed amongst you, it doesn't feature the ladies in rubber that appeared in a backstage-on-the-video-shoot post but it now has added futurist geometric head-wear which will surely become a Hot Trend for autumn/winter '09.

New Video Monday

1) Simian Mobile Disco - Audacity Of Huge

2) Miike Snow - Animal

3) Housse De Racket - Oh Yeah

(this one isn't actually new, but well worth another viewing)

Thursday, July 23

Remedy Remixes

We are a day away from the new video to Boots' Remedy and to keep you going we thought it only fair to share some of the remixes to the single.

So for your listening pleasure, volume one of the Remedy Remixes to download:

Little Boots - Remedy (Style Of Eye remix)

Little Boots - Remedy (Rusko remix)

Little Boots - Remedy (Disco Bloodbath Remix)

Stroke of Genius

Julian Casablancas is a bit too good.
He's been quite quiet in the hiatus from The Strokes, only popping up on fellow band-mate Albert Hammond Jrs album and lending his vocals to the EXCELLENT My Drive Thru.
But it appears the time has come to drop his debut solo album and if this teaser video is anything to go by, he's been hanging out with Sebastian Tellier.

Wow. The video was directed by Warren Fu who said of the collaboration:
"...he basically played me an instrumental demo of one of the album tracks early on and i thought it would be cool to do a trailer for the album because that particular song felt so epic... keeping the vocals off to build mystery and anticipation."

Anticipation achieved.

Wednesday, July 22

Hey DJ!


This Thursday (23rd July) see round 4 of the ultimate DJ-oke night, You The DJ.
The night asks you to bring along your 3 favourite tracks, whether on vinyl, CD or iPod and play them out for all to hear.
It doesn't matter if you've never so much as seen a set or decks or CDJs before, as training is available if you need it.
Having already hosted a wealth of famous bands and DJs at previous nights, you never know who you'll be going back-to-back with.
Not only does every DJ get a drink but you just have to turn up on the night and you're away.
So what would you choose:

Blur / Bronski Beat / Prince


Jarvis Cocker / NWA / Pato Banton


Steve Winwood / Human League / Take That


Tuesday, July 21

The 3 best David Bowie TV apperances in 1975, (that don't involve Alan Yentob)

1. The Cher Show. Lost in a cave of disco lights David attempts to stare down the camera.

2. The Grammy Awards. Obviously arrivinfg straight on stage from the executive washroom david jokes about 'grammes', speaks 'french' and dons sunglasses to read the fine print. Genius.

3.The Dinah Shore Show. Momentarily forgetting he is on a mid afternoon chat show David is 'sent'

Monday, July 20

bright new things No.5 - STOPMAKINGME!


Stopmakingme! is London-based DJ Dan Avery, who when not reducing dancefloors into mass gyrayting frenzies, can be found recommending records to customers at Pure Groove.
His taste for disco, electrco and, of course, Prince make him a regular feature at the best parties in the UK which fit in alongside his residencies at Kill Em All and at The Lock Tavern.
We predict great things for Stopmakingme! throughout the rest of 2009.

What a DJ. What a name. What a thoroughly lovely chap.

Stopmakingme! summner playlist tracklist:
Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset Part I
Anja Schneider, Lee Van Dowski - La Roulette
Beck – Get Real Paid
Jeff Samuel – Circle
Yacht – Don’t Fight The Darkness
Ghostape – Sometimes
Tiga – Shoes (Noob Remix)
Hugg N Pepp – I Can’t Breathe
Daniel Wang – Warped
Telnius – Like What
Maps – Let Go Of The Fear (Dub)
Rodion – Electric Soca (Crookers Remix)
Unknown - ??
Woolfy Vs Projections - Neeve
My Robot Friend – Rapture
Kiki – Universal
DJ T – Dis
Francis Preve - Yin
Peaches - Lose You (Brodinski & Yuksek Remix)
Prince – Cream
Beni – Maximus
Fraser Owen – Believe (Ben Macklin Remix)
Deepchild – Gutterfunk
Extrawelt - Erste Universicherte Allgemeinheit
Tiefschwarz - Warning Siren (Buick Project Remix)
Glitch – Don’t Kiss Me
In Flagranti – I Can Thrill & Delight
Felix Da Housecat – We All Wanna Be Prince

STOPMAKINGME! - July09 playlist


New video Monday starts here...
1. Let's Wrestle - We Are The Men You'll Grow To Love Soon

2. Gold Panda - Back Home

3. The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother

(this one really makes me want to shoot something in the head. maybe Mary Whitehouse was on to something after-all...)

Sunday, July 19

Packham Take A Bow

This is Chris Packham.
He loves nature.
He also loves The Smiths.
How many Morrissey lyrics can one man squeeze into a genteel BBC nature show?

Friday, July 17

ah so little boots

The fact that Victoria is only 5ft is just anoither reason why Japan is currently in the grips of Boots Fever.
We've particulary enjoyed these features from the Japanese press of late

Wednesday, July 15


So many dizzy puns to be had, but we'll let you enjoy it for what it is..

Tuesday, July 14

Word Marina!

This is a cracking article in the new issue of Word Magazine (which comes complete with a CD featuring Marina's Seventeen on).
It's written by Popjustice's own Peter Robinson who, in my humble opinion, should hurry up and bring back Smash Hits. Thankyouplease.
(click the picture for a bigger read)

Monday, July 13

Giggs feat. Skinner does Slow Songs

Have you checked the new track by Giggs yet? It's the impressive Slow Songs and features the guest vocals of our own Skinner.
Video looks cracking and the track is out and about proper on the 17th August..

Wednesday, July 8

Ahhhh Who's There?

There's been frenzy of chatter as to just who is responsible for the track Who's There, the latest release on Erol's Phantasy Sounds, the dub of which has been flooring people for the past month.
Step forward Riton and Primary 1 and take a well deserved bow.

Sure I recognise a few people in that video...

Tuesday, July 7

L-Bo vs. J-Ro

Did you catch Boots on Jonathan Ross on Friday?

Friday, July 3

best news of the month...

It may say something about my childhood, but I was obsessed with Smash Hits in my younger years. In fact, it's a fascination that's never really gone away.
There's nothing in the world I'd like more then an early 90s Smash Hits award - I don't even mind who it was intended for, although Mark Owen's Best Haircut 1994 award is the dream.
So imagine my delight when Popjustice posted an article today stating that in commeratition to Jacko, there's going to be a one off issue. Even better, it's gone back to the classic format of the 80s/90s (ie, before it got shit).
It's not out until next week - I may camp outside Costcutters...