Monday, June 29


What a weekend, eh?
Well actually we viewed most of it from the leisurely comfort of our sofa but it sure looked like fun.
Thursday saw Mike Skinner complete his life-long (maybe) dream of turning his face into a crop circle (check out the making of vids here).
Friday saw a Little Boots invasion where she took to the John Peel stage in a distinctly Dath Vader cloak.
If you missed it, you can watch the whole gig again online right here - gotta love the BBC iPlayer.

Boots also popped over to the Gaurdian Live tent to play through some cracking covers including that Jackson classic, Earth Song

Saturday opened it's gates to Marina, who made her debut Glastonbury trip and did two shows, one of which was on the Queens Head stage.
Pictures will indeed follow....

Sunday, June 28

Off The Wall

I kinda met Michael Jackson once.
I was at university when a rumour went round that Uri Geller - the bizarre chairman of Exeter City FC - had called upon his most famous of friends to come to the club for a fundraiser. These included David Blaine and the King Of Pop.
So with a healthy dose of cynicism I popped round the corner from my student house to St James' Park just to see the few hundred disappointed folk who believed that a the most famous man on the planet would be making an appearance.
And yet to my surprise, 2 minutes later a Bentley drew up the tiny residential road and stopped right in front of me. A huge bouncer got out and opened the backdoor and out steps Uri Geller, followed by David Blaine, followed by Michael Jackson.
He was tall, frail and ghostly white. He wore what looked like one of Liz Taylor's jumpers dominated by gold military epaulets.
And he was caked in a layer of crude make up, his noise impossibly sharp and grotesque and the over all effect was tragic. His face was painful up close.

The crowd of 40 people, including me, stood outside the gates to ECFC went silent. It was impossible to compute that this man was stood in front of us.
For 10 seconds no-one uttered a word as we started at him stood there, fumbling with a black sun parasol.
Finally a burly 30-something in the crowd said "alright Michael?"
He looked up, did a little wave that The Queen would have been proud of and muttered one of his famous "I love you"s.
With that he was helped into an open top vintage car with Blaine and Geller where they were driven in the gates to the ground to be paraded around to the crowd inside.

I didn't hang about after that, it was too surreal.

Thursday, June 25

the creation of the crop circle

Part 2

Part 3


Wednesday, June 24

She's Not A Robot you know...

The much anticipated video for Marina and the Diamonds' I Am Not A Robot has arrived

It was directed by Rankin and Chris Cottam, who did their own interpretation for good measure.

Tuesday, June 23

"using scissors, grass and soil, we will make a crop-circle..."

The Streets play at Brixton Academy this evening

Monday, June 22


This was brought to my attention by Friendly Fires' Jack on Twitter, where the first post of:
"At 2:46 this video goes from moderate hilarity to full on shit-losing time"

Was swiftly followed by:
"Watching for about the 15th time today. Hysterics every time."

And then:
"I am thoroughly entertained and I seriously hope they become massive."

In true RT: style, we present to you 'Stick Stickly' by Attack Attack!

Thursday, June 11

RayBan's a go go

Marina dropped by the RayBan Balcony Sessions during Camden Crawl to perform a charming rendition of Obsessions, which is right here

(Marina and her Diamonds also picked up some matching shades which will be sported all over the festivals this summer until they're inevitabley dropped in a mud puddle somewhere...)

Wednesday, June 10

NME out snapped Rankin

Technically the 679 blog had the excluive first pictures form Marina's video set but we're not ones for nit-picking.
Marina's glitter took over and hour to clear away and even involved a haircut to finally be rid of it all. Suffering for one's art never looked so good.

Tuesday, June 9

We Have New Video

Here is the fancy, if not slightly disconcerting vid from We Have Band. It's completely stop motion and took an impressive two days.

Did she say 'turkey basted'?

Saturday, June 6

the great 679 video face-off

London's oft-forgotten suburb of Acton yesterday was the setting for not one, but two video shoots for 679.
In the blue corner we had Boots shooting the vid for her new single. Which track? We can't say yet but rest assured, there was lots of ice, caves, crystals and glitter.
And this, which is not Victoria
But this is

In the red corner and most certinally keeping the sparkly theme running was Marina, shooting the vid for I Am Not A Robot. Explosion in glitter factory anyone?

Look two - diamonds on the face

Directing the video were Rankin and Chris Cottam who couldn't resist sneaking in front of the camera

Check out Popjustice trying to start a turf war...

Friday, June 5

Guess who?

Don't you hate when pictures from way back yonder surface?

Debs Harry

Conor Oberst (dweeb)


Prince (mega lolz)

Check the rest over here

Thursday, June 4

Funtimes gets Blured

Apologises for the title of this post.
Blur fever is in the air, the Hyde Park shows grow rapidly closer and even Boots has caught it as the latest funtimes is the divine To The End

And you know, it's so good, here's the original.

Wipe away that tear.

Wednesday, June 3

3 is the magic number

Here are three ace things that I've seen on the internet this week.

My First Dictionary

It's put together by a guy with an equal parts brilliant and terrifying mind who's got some 50s book and imagined his own scenarios for what's going on in the benign, pre-school pictures. V v strong.

Air Max 87 Safaris

These arrive in Autumn apparently. What with these and the coming reissues of the True Blue Jordan IIIs, we are living through a golden age. Want want want.

Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face (Unreleased original full length version) - MP3

Last but not least, I found on another blog the original eleven minute mix of the Arthur Russell/Loose Joints classic 'Is It All Over My Face'. It's from before they put a female vocal on it and turned it into one of the greatest - no, fuck it, THE GREATEST disco record of all time. It sounds a lot looser than the A-side, quite tribal and hypnotic. I must get round to seeing that Arthur Russell film some time...

Monday, June 1

Ears Checking #14


1. Inflagranti - Pick A Trick
2. Royksopp - The Girl & the Robot (feat. Robyn)
3. We Have Band - You Came Out
4. Chiddy Bang - Kids (Feat. MGMT)
5. Friendly Fires - White Diamonds
6. Phoenix - Fences
7. Girls - Hellhole Ratrace
8. Eductaion Education Education - Teenage Torries