Friday, May 29

50 Bones know how to throw a flyer together

679 is very fond of 50 Bones records.
Tonight the label take over a show on Diesel U Music from 8-10pm and to celebrate they're throwing the mother of all after-party in London's trendy Dalston. It's the return of their infamous club night It's On Like Donkey Kong. We thought you might enjoy the bellow flyer...
Not sure who Lidl Boots is mind...

Tuesday, May 26

Inappropriate packaging pun ahoy...

As we mentioned before bright young producer Semothy Jones is over in Oz working on the new Operator Please album. On the days outside the studio he likes to make comic strips to illustrate what he's up to. Here's the latest offering featuring Timmy Operator Please...

Friday, May 22

Cover Girl - take 2




Thursday, May 21

Yo Gabba Gabba Chromeo

Have you checked out Nickoleon's Yo Gabba Gabba yet?
Unless you've had a particularly large night or have young children, I'm going to hazard the answer is no - but it's like Sesame Street on MDMA. Remixed by Daft Punk.
Still not sure, then check out Chromeo's appearance, entitled 'Wash Your Hands'

Is that Dev Hynes at the end saying "listening and dancing to music is awesome!"? Sounds like something he'd say.

Tuesday, May 19

Chelsea vs Liverpool - THE MOVIE

I've watched this about seven times now and I've still got no idea what the fuck is going on here:

Needless to say it's the most amazing thing I've seen on the internet all year. Sex, guns, Frank Lampard and 2 Unlimited - does cinema get any better? All over this like a rash.

If, like me, you're becoming slowly obsessed with Nollywood check out channel 330 on Sky.

Monday, May 18

Blinded By Nero

This has just just come to our attention; a re-edit of the Blinded By The Lights video for the Nero dubstep bootleg that's doing the round.
It's amazing.

Sunday, May 17

Breakfast Boots

I think the thing I like the best about this clip is how perfectly these two presenters have nailed the 'bewildered adult' look.

Tuesday, May 12

Diamond vs. Radio 1's Big Weekend


Marina and her Diamonds took to the Introducing stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Swindon yesterday. It was a super set, including stick on gems, lots of glitter and a very fetching show-girl leotard.
The stage was curated by Huw Stephens who was even coerced into joining Marina in a homage to Akon who'd been wondering around being a bit pervy backstage.
Could this be the duet of the year?

Probably not.
Check out footage of the actual show RIGHT HERE.

Spot the Akon flag, which will now be a permanent feature within The Diamonds.

Monday, May 11

Ears Checking #14


1. Dizzee - Bonkers
2. The Streets - Trust Me
3. Golden Silvers - True Romance (True No. 9 Blues)
4. Beck - Tropicalia
5. The Shoes vs. Primary 1 - People Movin'
6. De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays"
7. We Were Promised Jetpacks - Quiet Little Voices
8. Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard - The Upside-Down Cross

Friday, May 8

strike a pose

Here's Boots in the latest issue of Vogue with a picture taken by David Bailey.
Ouch, that's a snap.