Tuesday, April 28

Finally, a use for Twitter


Courtesy of THE BIG DAWG. Now that's a whole load of shopping. But why no Tesco Value, I hear you ask? Doesn't he know there's a recession on? No mate:

Nuthin but triple velvet - my crack deserves the best


Mashed videos

In the same way that the bootleg explosion a couple of years back threw up some real gems (alongside some stinkers), people have been getting busy with AV equivalent. These are the best we've recently spotted


Makes me think of Robert Webb's flashdance. And shudder.


Not only is this cut brilliantly but Phoenix would definitely been the soundtrack to John Huges' films if they'd been playing guitars 20 years earlier.


Passion Pit's glorious Sleepyhead has the joy-factor ramped to 11 by mashing it with Snow White. I particularly like Snow White singing along to the 'aaaaaahhh's.

Finally, this last one is topical but bloody creepy (keep an eye out for the tenori-on cameo)

Monday, April 27

First peek video

So, here it is, the video for New In Town.
Personally I don't think I'd wear quite so much bling strolling round those parts...

Tuesday, April 21

Funtimes returns!

You can't have missed the videos of Victoria Boots in her PJs at home covering her favourite songs - we've had Girls Aloud, Haddaway, Metronomy and the last was a cover of Kid Cudi which resulted in this collaboration at SXSW.

Here's the latest, a stone cold classic, Sugababe's Overload
Little Boots - Overload (Sugababes cover)

Ears Checking #13


Jarvis Cocker - Angela
Your Twenties - Gold
Phoenix - Lisztomania
Little Boots - Earthquake (Gold Panda remix)
Hot Butter - Popcorn
Plugs - All Them Witches
Kissy Sellout - This Kiss (Jack Beats mix)
Dizzee & Arman Van Helden - Bonkers

Monday, April 20

tweet the streets

Have you signed up to Twitter yet? I bet you have, we're enjoying up on the daily exploits of Little Boots and Marina and even Steve Buscemi.
But taking it one step further is Mike Skinner who's decided to use the site as a testing ground for his new material. In the past week he released 3 brand new tracks through his page, our favorite so far being this one:

Trust Me (mp3 download)

Speaking of Mike, did you see his latest video for The Edge Of A Cliff?

Friday, April 17

Cover Girl


Fantastic spread in Mixmag this month featuring a host of musing from Boots including a hint that there may be a giant Tenori-on in development for the summer festivals!
She also talks of a host of sick New In Town remixes floating around blog-land.
But you don't need to go anywhere else as we'll be hosting every mix right here, starting with:

New In Town - Drop The Lime dub
New In Town - Fred Falke mix
New In Town - Golden Filter mix
New In Town - Emil & Friends mix

Thursday, April 16

the robots are after their samples...

It seems Daft Punk continue to inspire frightening levels of web-geekery in their fans, resulting in this, the game I've just spent the past half an hour fighting with.
The story? Justice have stolen Daft Punk's samples and the robots are on a mission to get them back. Literally hilarious.

Click any of the game grabs above to play, hope you do better then I did (which isn't that hard)

Tuesday, April 14

the cutest album trailer we ever did see

We're pretty excited about the imminent return of Operator Please and between me and you, we've had a sneak preview of some of the album demos. They'll not be what you expect - but you will be knocked flat.
Something is making me suggest you keep an eye on former playlist-provider, Semothy Jones' myspace for sneak previews...

Thursday, April 9

Boot and Hands


Would you take a butchers at that - here's the sleeve for Little Boots' debut album, Hands.
Why Hands I hear you cry? We'll once you've listened right through the album, found the hidden track and made it to the end - all will become clear.

Just a handy tip, but keep your eye on Pure Groove records who may well have an exclusive format of the album....

Tuesday, April 7

Guest Ears Checking - Semothy Jones

We're very pleased to bring you the playing list of Semothy Jones, a bright new producer whose previous working credits include Lady Sov, Plan B and Example.
You'll also soon be able to hear his production on a track on Little Boots' debut album, meanwhile there are other exciting band-collaborations happening later this year.
As if that wasn't enough to keep him busy, Semothy is also a prolific contributor to the Nucking Fang blog, essential reading indeed.
(We'll say nothing about the inclusion of John Mayer on his playlist mind...)

1. Claire Maguire - Strangest Thing
2. Lady Sovereign - So Human
3. Bassment Jaxx - Twerk (feat. Binary Kids)
Asher Roth - I Love College
5. John Mayer - Freefallin (live)
6. Example -Dirty Face
7. Operator Please -Leave It Alone
8. The Jets - Crush On You

Monday, April 6

Should have left it in the 80s

Here's Then Jerico showcasing how trying to style it out doesn't always work (watch to the end).


Saturday, April 4

Pride O' Wales

From Wales On Sunday no less. Now where's the Greek version of the Observer...

Friday, April 3

Bank Holiday Fun In London Town

We're big fans of the 50 Bones label and will be definitely heading towards the Queen Of Hoxton on bank-holiday Saturday to check out the Primary 1 & Shoes single launch shindig.
What a line up, what a party.

Wednesday, April 1

Popstars Turn Up In The Oddest Places

Here's Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly popping up on Newsnight.

It could have gone horribly wrong but for someone who cares passionately about the issues on discussion, Sam Duckworth, holds his own with clarity and conviction.
Not too shabby at all.