Tuesday, March 31

I'm Gonna Take You Out Tonight, I'm Gonna Make You Feel Alright...

Here it is, a sneak peak of the new Little Boots next single, New In Town.
It's a righteous pop stompper that has us dancing in our office IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.
You may have spotted some blogs circulating 2 of the remixes of the track, there are more to come (oh yes), but for now please enjoy these:

New In Town - Fred Falke mix
New In Town - Drop The Lime mix

Friday, March 27

Ears Checking #12


1. Whitest Boy Alive - 1517
2. Peter Bjorn & John - Nothing To Worry About
3. Thom Fredrick - Don't Fall In Love
4. Jack Penate - Tonight's Today
5. Mickey Gang - I Was Born In The 90s
6. Devo - Whip It
7. Gold Panda - Quitter's Ragga
8. Little Boots - New In Town (Semothy & Sheldrake mix)

Thursday, March 26

Cash Or Cheque Squad

If your not familiar with rapper Example's work, I suggest you head over to his myspace and take a look as this one man promotion-machine is currently riding high in the Hype Machine chart.
Not content with making music, he's also written and staring in a comedy show on MTV.
Here's a episode of C.O.C.S:

More episodes and their track Takes The Biscuit on the myspace.

Monday, March 23


The cover of today's Guardian newspaper
Don't know who those other two are mind...

Kudi, Kayne and Boots? It can only be SXSW09

Our very own Victoria Boots is on her way back from a triumphant trip to SXSW, where she played no less then 4 shows. The final one - last night - was hosted by Perez Hilton and was finished off by a duet with Kid Cudi, alright.

Here's Stuck On Repeat live at the Fadar party, what a cardy...

Wednesday, March 18

Retro Ears Checking


1. Big Audio Dynamite - C'mon Every Beatbox
2. Bobby Bland - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
3. Roxy Music - Virginia Plain
4. The Cramps - Domino
5. Elastica - Line Up
6. Fire Engines - Hungry Beat
7. James Chance & The Contortions - I Can't Stand Myself

Tuesday, March 17

One More Time

Sat at your desk dreaming of DJing to 1000s? Thought you could have done much better then Kayne's version of Harder Better Faster Stronger? Maybe you're just procrastinating - we'll this is the frivolous web program you've been waiting for

Click the pic above and pretend you too are a multi-millionaire robot-face. Alright!

Monday, March 16

Moross Has Got A Thing For Them

The darling of all things geometrically-so-hot-right-now, Kate Moross, was just as spellbound by the latest Metronomy video as we were. Whilst we blogged, she went one step further and created a limited range of tshirts in the video's honor. The shirts have pin badges featuring the lyrics which you can position anywhere you like, just like the bouncing balls in the video. Simply brilliant.
There's even a couple left, which you can snap up here.

Wednesday, March 11


The very last issue ever of Arena magazine has just hit the news stands, including a feature on the future of pop and pride of place sit Ms Boots and Ms Diamonds. Vogue.

Praise you?

Look what we spotted on the interweb today, how very funny.

Tuesday, March 10

Ears Checking #11


1. Jazmine Sullivan - Bust Your Windows
2. Little Boots - New In Town (Drop The Lime RMX)
3. Emil and Friends - Downed Economy
4. Empire Of The Sun - Standing On The Shore
5. Royksopp - Happy Up Here (Holy Fuck Re-Interpretation)
6. NewVillager - Rich Doors
7. Duran Duran - Planet Earth
8. Jazmine Sullivan - Dream Big

Monday, March 9

Boots' Funtimes

Just as we posted the new video of Day N Nite, this track isn't going away with Boots' own unique take on it.

Sunday, March 8

Glorious Album Artwork of the Week


No.1 - Jarvis.
(It's produced by Steve Albini too, alright!)

Friday, March 6

Dimaond tours

Marina and her merry band of diamonds headed off out on a whistle stop tour of the UK last week (is 4 dates a enough to be counted as a UK tour? Let's say yes.)
First stop was Sunny Southampton where the Diamonds found themselves lodging in a safari park

Before playing a blinding gig at Hamptons

Next day it was on to Manchester, unfortunately the PlayStation broke on the journey (don't tell the van hire company)
All hail the Ruby Lounge

Next day was on to Nottingham, the band took the chance to refuel and live like kings on a feast of M&S' Finest picnic selection
Stealth welcomed the Diamonds with open arms

The last day saw the Dimaond mobile roll on into Brizzle where the band celebrated the end of the tour with a rather impressive pyramid

And here's Marina on the way home getting some much needed shut eye

Marina's just announced LOADS more live dates on her myspace

Monday, March 2

Pop Mathmatics

Those clever fellows over at The Independent have made an attempt to get to the bottom Pop Maths. We especially enjoyed the big 'X' that precedes Giorgio Moroder in Little Boots' equation