Friday, February 27

Ears Checking #10


1. My Tiger My Timing - This is Not the Fire
2. Phoenix - 1901
3. White Arrows - Coming Or Going
4. The Streets - On The Edge Of A Cliff
5. Zomby - Strange Fruit
6. Operator Please - Leave It Alone (David E Sugar Remix)
7. Whitey - Do The Nothing
8. Siouxsie & the Banshees - Happy House

Thursday, February 26

Inventive Gig Flyer of the Month


Hats off (or should that be beards off) to French Kiss records across the pond for this retro-tastic Les Savy Fav flyer. I especially like the 'Pitchfork Fan' challenge.

Wednesday, February 25

Diamond Dermot

Marina and a Diamond rocked up to Radio 2 to do a live session for Dermot OLeary on Saturday.
You can listen again to Marina playing Obsessions live, chatting about her super super fan and also performing a cover of Gwen's What You Waiting For right here (16 mins in).


Marina even managed to sneak a sit in Wogan's hallowed chair

Monday, February 23

So Me Oh My

Kid Cudi and Day N Nite first graced our playlist back in September but they've just made a new video with that French master of the felt tip pen, So Me, who you'll remember from Justice's D.A.N.C.E and Kayne's Good Life videos.
Check it out, very fresh...

And just because the video still makes me laugh, and the song still makes me dance involuntary, here's his video of DJ Mehdi and Chromeo's I Am Somebody.
I've attempted this dance routine out one evening. It ended with my face in the dirt.

Friday, February 20


Little Boots and Marina both feature in this months issue of Dazed and Confused.
Click for a bigger look


Thursday, February 19

Red Carpet Boots

And don't she look lovely.

Who else would have admitted to stuffing paper in their shoes during their interview at the Brits?

Wednesday, February 18

Pure Booze


Our favourite record shop in, humm, the world is undoubtedly Pure Groove. With a history spanning almost 20 years, the shop has honed its self to selling fine line in exclusive records and merchandise, hosting great exhibitions and their staff are downright charming too.
Just to cement their position in our affections, they've gone and added a bar where you can have a coffee in the day and a beer by night (or the other way round, no pressure).

Of course PG's instores have been very impressive since moving to Farringdon, check out a full list here, and coming up in the next month they have Passion Pit, Peter Bjorn & John, Chairlift and Filthy Dukes amongst others.

Marina and her Diamonds popped by for a secret set last week to re-christen the space, have a look at Seventeen

Tuesday, February 17

Question Of The Day

Where is Gerry Rafferty?

UPDATE (18/02)
He's been found. On Baker Street.
Not really, in his big house in Tuscany, which posses the question, did anyone bother to call there in the first place?
I smell a Greatest Hits on the way...

Monday, February 16

bright new things #4 The Asprins For My Children

Actually, I prefer a good dose of Calpol myself, but this week we've been checking out the handy work of The Aspirins For My Children.

The Aspirin, or Dan Barker to his mum, has been finding famous fans in Metronomy, Cocknbullkid and Kwes with his own tracks such as Pineapple and Cutter, and a number of cracking remixes.

And what do you know, he's only knocked up a gem of a mix for Marina and the Diamonds.
Why don't you download it here in fact.

Marina and the Dimaonds - Obsessions (The Asprins For My Children remix)

Friday, February 13

Marina is BBC Introduced...

Here's a nice video from Marina's session at the BBC, super.

Wednesday, February 11

Kanye's hair? Let's mullet over...

It won't be very often that you'll catch a post about a popstar's haircut on the 679 blog, but the question troubling me most from watching the Grammys was just what is going on over at Kanye's barbers? Will this be the new look sported across the States? I have to say, it's so stupid I haven't even spotted it in Hoxton yet.

Check out Kanye's blog though, it's full of designer man-bags, fancy architecture and his latest pick of porn stars. Most enlightening.

Incidentally, a ready to burst MIA performing Swagger with the "Louis Vuttion Don" and friends was pretty pretty good.

Monday, February 9

Ears Checking #9


1. The Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 To 20
2. Esser - Lets Work It Out
3. Marina and the Diamonds - Obsessions (Aspirins For My Children RMX)
4. Housse De Racket - Oh Yeah! (Gonzales Remix)
5. Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy
6. Spinnerette - Valium Knights
7. Rogues - Not So Pretty
8. Roxy Music - Virgina Plain

Sunday, February 8

But I Haven't Got A Stitch To Wear....

I had to think really hard about whether to post this or not.
But I think as many people should feast in the horror that is Mozza's latest publicity picture.
Oh dear.

Thursday, February 5

Diamond attack at Maida Vale

Marina and her Diamonds popped down to the world famous BBC studios at Maida Vale yesterday to record a session for Huw Stephens.
You can listen to that next week but for now, here's some sneaky photos from the afternoon (YOU SHOULDN'T TAKE PICTURES IN THE BBC!)


Monday, February 2

Ears Checking #8


1. Micachu - Just In Case
2. Hundred in the Hand - Dressed in Dresden
3. The Big Pink - Too Young To Love
4. Music Go Music - Light of Love
5. Grace Jones - William's Blood (Aeroplane remix)
6. Grace Jones - Slave To The Rhythm
7. Will Powers - Kissing With Confidence
8. Bird and the Bee - How Deep is Your Love


All hail Chromeo, those 80s fantasists have persuaded their friends CSS to remix Fancy Footwork, a track which was released a couple of years ago but given a shot of live with a new video.

Speaking of Fancy Footwerk, have you seen the club/gym party of the same name, hosted every Tuesday at Punk in Soho? They invite you to you get down and stretchy in a full aerobics workout with an instructor to the sounds of the 80s. We're exercise phobic here at 679, but if you want to dress in American Apparel's finest and perfect the moves to Thriller, this is the place to do it.